• Static site generator written in Python
  • Designed for my personal purposes
  • No database, content is based on markdown files
  • Powerful shortcodes for images, YouTube videos and other stuff
  • Fast and secure! Of course, because it produces only static HTML sites :-)

Majibo is a japan world for... just kidding. The name is just an acronym from used components:

How to use

Download or clone Majibo repository and explore the example project!

You can find various files and folders so maybe some basic description is needed:

  • /assets/ - folder for your stylesheet, javascripts, etc.
    • style.scss - Sass stylesheet file, it includes Bootstrap, you can define colors and other stuff (see Templates)
  • /content/ - content of your website, one Markdown file = one HTML file, you can find more details on Content)
  • /img/ - place your images here
  • /template/ - folder with Jinja templates (see Templates)
  • - project configuration file (see Configuration)

Build and publish

In Majibo's root folder you can find building script Run it from command line and then you can find your website in the /dist/ folder. These arguments are available:

  • -p project_name - build project from project_name folder
  • -d - build project in development mode
  • -v - show Majibo version



Majibo uses these essential components:

...and some other Python modules that you can find in requirements.txt file.